Welcome to the blog, eventually this will get split into programming/dev vs art/tech art, but for now it’s a mix of the two. Inspired by the style of jvns.ca, I want to help my learning by explaining as I explore these topics myself, and hopefully this will help others too.

How Does SSL Work

I’ve been having to sit down and actually learn how SSL happens. I mostly knew it from HTTPS as encrypting HTTP / internet browsing but it turns out it also provides the useful functionality of authentication, i.e. how do I know who you say you are. This is pretty useful in the land of services communicating over the network, because not only do you want the communication encrypted but you also want to make sure that you’re only talking to and accepting requests from people you trust.

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Dynamic Range, Exposure And Tonemapping

I want to try to talk about the intuition behind exposure and tonemapping as they’ve been showing up a lot for me, and dealing with luminance is a good introduction to some interesting post processing techniques used in recent games, such as automatic exposure, temporal adaption, and local tonemapping.

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